Making Travel Easier.

Keeping you covered every step of the way. Safety starts with great preparation.


Make your own travel safety kit to carry with you throughout your destination and excursion. Start with a medium-sized pouch and add some safety essentials to it. Some items may include your Vaccination Card, a first-aid kit, hand sanitizer, medication, hygiene products, a face mask, wet wipes or tissue, and anything else that you may need. 

It’s a good idea to have physical and digital copies of your important travel documents and research where money exchange and ATMs are to your dock or port of entry. 


Rules are meant to keep you and your loved ones safe. Follow the legal and etiquette rules of your marina. 

When you arrive watch your speed!  Follow the speed limit. Keep the dock tidy. Park cleanliness isn’t just polite it can protect boaters from serious injury.  Be considerate of your surroundings. Keep noise levels at a comfortable level for your neighbors.

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Research your dining options before you choose a restaurant while traveling. Whether dining in or taking out it’s important to read reviews before you eat. Perhaps delivery would be a better option. Take a look at yacht provisioning and local vendors who can safely deliver your next meal.


It’s easy to get lost in new places and asking for directions can be difficult especially if you’re in a country that doesn’t speak your native language. In these situations, the best thing to do is to stop at the Dock Masters Office, a restaurant, or ask someone at the marina for directions. If those options aren’t available to you, try using Google Maps or another map service.