The process of cruising to The Bahamas keeps getting easier. As the government of The Bahamas continues to work towards a modern process for pleasure cruising to one of the most beautiful locations in the world, read about the current process below. 

  • Complete upon arrival Inward Declaration and Application for Cruising Permit (Form C2A) and Maritime Declaration of Health Form
  • Must enter at a designated Port of Entry. Click here to see a list of designated Ports of Entry.
  • Upon approval, a Temporary Cruising Permit (Form C39) and Fishing Permit will be issued for the vessel.
  • At the time of clearance, supporting documents must be present (originals) and the fees associated with the clearance process must be paid.
  • In addition to the Cruising Permit fee, a passenger arrival tax of $20.00 per person is applicable for any pleasure vessel that brings more than three crew/passengers of or above the age of six years who is not a resident of The Bahamas.
  • Once at a Port of Entry, the captain must report directly to Bahamas Customs for vessel clearance.
  • Until Bahamas Customs and Immigration have cleared the vessel; the only person permitted to disembark is the captain.
  • If this is your second voyage within 90 days, the Temporary Cruising Permit cost is exempt, but passenger arrival tax is not.
  • Must clear outbound from the last port before leaving The Bahamas on an Entry Outwards of Pleasure Vessel (Form C28A).
  • At this time, surrender your Temporary Cruising Permit if you do not intend to return within 90 days. There is no cost for this process.




As of July 1, 2020, all pleasure vessels must now clear outbound before leaving. Upon leaving the Master of the Vessel will be granted a Certificate of Clearance. Please clear outwards at the last Port of Entry before you exit The Bahamas. There are NO fees required for the clearance certificate.

  • Before leaving The Bahamas, all Pleasure Vessels are required to clear outward on Form C28A: Entry Outward of Pleasure Vessel.
  • A temporary Cruising Permit must be present at the time of application.
  • Upon approval of the C28A, a Certificate of Clearance of a Pleasure Vessel will be issued.
  • There is no cost for this process.

Passports & Visa

Before traveling please ensure that you have the necessary paperwork secured. Your passport must be up to date and stamped and ensure that you check your travel country’s website to see if you need a visa to travel.

Vaccination Info

Vaccination requirements vary by port of departure and by age group. Below are the current published requirements for select ports. We are continually adding, monitoring, and adjusting information on vaccination requirements as public health conditions evolve.

Special Assistance

Tie-up assistance for arrivals and departures; Dock assistance (via resort cart) for transfer of luggage and provisions; Single and three-phase power; Private catering services for special events; Transportation and rental cars; Power and water (110 volts and 220 volts, 100 amp and 100 amp-3 phase electrical service are available).