One of the best providers of services for hundreds of boat slips is SLIPe Marina. No matter the size of your boat, we will assist you in locating the ideal location!

a company with a presence in the Bahamas and expertise in boating. We are a platform driven by technology that specializes in booking boat slips and moorings.

We will promote your marina or boating service to the world through our partnership. You can effortlessly receive bookings and payments with SLIP-E.

Find out how a partnership with SLIPe works—we know how valuable your business is!


STEP #1 -Start searching for marinas, moorings, or boat sips worldwide.

STEP #2 – Once you find an available location, complete our quick and easy booking process.

STEP #3 – Receive your confirmation email and leave the rest to us! It’s that simple.


To enhance your user experience, the SLIPé Staff has included a number of Special Features and is constantly upgrading and improving SLIPé. You can perform the following tasks with SLIPé’s special features:

MARINA TRAFFIC OF THE WORLD -You may view all of the more than 650 thousand marine assets (vessels, ports, and lights) in SLIPé.

MULTIPLE LOCATIONS WITHIN THE BAHAMAS – We offer hotels and marinas from Nassau to Acklins.

HOTEL RESERVATIONS OF THE WORLD – Need to book a Hotel Reservation in a Hurry. SLIPé has multiple rooms available from Hotels all over the World.


Choose your marina, reserve your hotel room, wait for confirmation and SLIP into the Dock or your Bed for the Night. Convenient drive-up concierge booking with the mobile cloud system.

Client Mobile

Customers may manage their profiles, docking slips, hotel reservations, different locations, many currencies, and multiple languages all from a single mobile application.

Main Dashboard

The fastest and simplest way to handle ALL major aspects of your daily tasks via a graphic interface is with HMMS Marina Chart. You can change boats, look at a client’s account, edit or make a new reservation, and more with just a few clicks.

Main Dashboard

The Main Dashboard interface allows you to view and manage all reservations for your hotel. For clients interested in staying at your hotel, reservations can be made and changed more than 10 years in advance.

Now get out there and start your adventure!